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Slate Roofing

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Slate Roofing


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When you’re in need of slate roof repair, or a installation of a new slate roof, it’s crucial to choose the right professionals for the job. A slate roof not only enhances the aesthetics of your home but also provides exceptional durability and long-lasting protection. Even the smallest issues with a slate roof can quickly escalate into major problems if left unattended. That’s why you require skilled slate roofing contractors who can deliver outstanding results while efficiently managing the cost, quality, and timeline. Place your trust in us, and we’ll ensure your slate roofing project is completed swiftly, effectively, and affordably.


Natural Slate

Perimeter Roofing offers premium natural slate with a rich history for your roofing needs. Our slate roofing systems include Buckingham, Spanish, and Vermont slate options.

Buckingham Slate: Quarried in Arvonia, Virginia, just an hour northeast of Lynchburg, Buckingham slate embodies beauty and quality.

Spanish Black Slate: An excellent and cost-efficient alternative to Buckingham, offering durability and aesthetic appeal.

Vermont Slate: Renowned worldwide for its diverse color range, including green, gray, black, purple, and red. Vermont is the exclusive source of such a broad spectrum of slate colors.

We collaborate with top quarries to deliver the highest quality slate from Buckingham, Vermont, and Spain. Our commitment to quality extends to compliance with city codes, particularly within the Lynchburg Historic District.

Slate is celebrated for its toughness, durability, and timeless aesthetic. Each slate sheet, crafted by hand, adds a touch of class to your home. For a completely natural roofing solution tailored to your roof, call us today to schedule a free inspection with one of our project managers.

Please note that computer screens and printers may not accurately reflect the color samples. To ensure the correct product color, please consult our team members for a physical sample.

Synthetic Slate

Perimeter Roofing proudly presents world-class synthetic slate options, including the renowned DaVinci Synthetic Slate manufactured in Lenexa, Kansas.

DaVinci Synthetic Slate: Crafted with state-of-the-art technology, this tile not only adds vibrant color to your roof but also ensures exceptional longevity. Unlike natural slate, DaVinci Synthetic Slate is fire-resistant and crafted from virgin resins, UV stabilizers, and thermal stabilizers. The unique composite construction holds a Class A Fire Rating, Class 4 Impact Rating, and a 110 mph Wind Rating.

Our synthetic slate tiles are meticulously designed, modeling the appearance of actual slate and hand-split shake. This results in a natural, non-repeating beauty that withstands diverse climates.

For roofing solutions that combine aesthetics, durability, and safety, call us today or click below to schedule a free inspection.

Please note that computer screens and printers may not accurately reflect the color samples. To ensure the correct product color, please consult our team members for a physical sample.


If you have any questions regarding your home or business and what services you may need, we encourage you to schedule an appointment or phone consultation with one of our experts or visit our company.


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